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Your vanity is one of the most important features in your kitchen or bathroom. It is the first thing you and your guests notice about each room, making it crucial to have one that matches your desired tone and decor.

Available Vanities
At Kitchens By Us, we have several top kitchen vanities and the best bathroom vanities in the area. You can choose from a wide variety of styles. These options include single or double sinks, pedestal-style vanities with or without cabinetry, wraparound vanities, and vanities with countertop choices like marble. Available colors include white, maple, burgundy, and dark wood.

Features and Benefits
When you are searching for a kitchen or bathroom vanity, we have many style options from which you can choose. One of the most popular is the Shaker-style approach to kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The most notable benefit to this style of vanity cabinet is its timeless look. These cabinets are flat paneled, with a small decorative border. As a result, they suit nearly any décor. Shaker cabinets are also easy to maintain with practically no care involved. Thanks to the smooth design, there is no way grease, dust, and food particles can get trapped in intricate details.

As an added benefit, the Shaker cabinets available at Kitchens By Us are all ready-to-assemble. Installation is quick and easy, leaving you with the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams without the stress, hassle, or backbreaking labor. You can also order the vanity separate from the stiles and rails to match pre-installed cabinets to give your room a truly unique feel. Additionally, we offer vanities and cabinets that perfectly fit into your desired space, with same-day delivery available in many cases.

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