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If you are looking for new kitchen cabinets, Shaker style options might be your best bet. These cabinets are named after the Shaker community, a Christian community closely related to the Quakers. The Shakers believe in living a life of simplicity, without relying on the trappings of a capitalistic society to fulfill their needs. As a result, the simplicity of this lifestyle has influenced Shaker style cabinets.


– Burgundy Shaker Kitchen Cabinets
The burgundy Shaker kitchen cabinets are constructed from solid wood with ball bearing drawer slides and matching interiors. The result is a deep, rich looking kitchen. This style of cabinetry works best for homes with bright kitchens, filled with lots of natural light. It is best to invest in white or a light shade of natural stone for your countertop to add some extra visual diversity.


– White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchens By Us is proud to exclusively offer white Shaker kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets, and corner cabinets for your home. The cabinets are made of natural wood. Each drawer also has undermount soft close slides to protect your investment from the damage of being accidentally slammed.


– Espresso Shaker Kitchen Cabinets
Our espresso Shaker kitchen cabinets are designed to give your kitchen a bold and dramatic look. They instantly add style and sophistication thanks to the dark, rich wood. Each one is solid wood with a solid wood center panel.


– Ivory Shaker Kitchen Cabinets
Our ivory Shaker kitchen cabinets feature a raised panel miter, solid wood doors, and solid center panels. These are beautiful additions to kitchens of any size. If you have a small home, they are the perfect way to add depth to your space.

Benefits of Shakers
The main benefit of installing Shaker style cabinets in your home is how they combine function and elegance. They are characterized by straight edges, flat internal panels, and simple handles, or no handles at all. There are very few embellishments or stylistic designs present on these cabinets, which makes them ideally suited to kitchens of all sizes and styles.

Shaker cabinets are typically made from pine and maple, making them very durable. These are ideal woods to use in kitchens, as they are more resistant to warping than others. In some cases, you can even find Shaker cabinets made from MDF, which is another resilient material. It is relatively easy to keep these cabinets clean, thanks to the natural materials used. Using wood cleaner every so often can help preserve the shine and condition of your cabinets, but there is no need to invest in expensive cleaning materials. This sets Shaker cabinets apart from others made with materials such as glass and plastic.

Types of Shakers
At Kitchens By Us, we have a variety of Shaker cabinets to choose from. Each one is carefully crafted with only the finest materials. Our cabinets are also ready to ship at a moment’s notice, regardless of material chosen.

Why You Should Invest in Professional Installation
Whenever you upgrade any aspect of your home, it is always best to inquire about professional installation. Skilled technicians have the experience it takes to install your new cabinets quickly and efficiently. There is no need to worry about problems with the installation later down the road since you can trust our experts to get the job done right the first time. Don’t waste your time and money on a complex home project when you can contact an experienced professional.

Here at Kitchens By Us, we have a wide range of Shaker style cabinets ready for installation. We have had years of experience helping customers like you upgrade their homes, so you can trust us to provide only the best cabinets. We also offer professional installation, giving you the chance to enjoy your new cabinets as soon as possible.

Our cabinets are available in numerous colors and styles. They are also ready to ship as soon as they are ordered, minimizing the wait times and delays you can expect at other cabinet stores. You can visit us online or at our showroom to take a look at our extensive selection of cabinets. Our sales associates are happy to sit down with you to discuss your vision and goals for your renovation. They can then help you find the best cabinets for your needs. Contact us today by phone or visit us in store to start your renovation off right.

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