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Elegant commercial vanities are an important part of any kitchen or bathroom at your place of work. An RTA kitchen or bathroom vanity can help bring the room together, making any space seem more luxurious and more impressive to clients and other visitors without spending your entire renovation budget. Choosing the perfect bathroom or kitchen vanity gives your workplace what it needs to produce a welcoming and stylish look.

Vanities Sold at Kitchens By Us
Here at Kitchens By Us, we have a wide variety of the best bathroom vanities for your commercial space. Among our many products, you can easily find full vanities fitted with sinks and other accessories, such as marble countertops. We have many options available when it comes to the number and placement of sinks, guaranteeing a perfect fit regardless of your company’s size. Our Shaker cabinets come in many shades, including ivory, white, maple, burgundy, and espresso, and can be cut to fit your custom needs. We want to be sure that your bathroom and kitchen renovations happen without a hitch, leaving you with beautiful and durable vanities and cabinets.

Features and Benefits
Kitchens By Us is proud to sell RTA Shaker-style vanities, which offer numerous benefits. They are sleek and elegant, free from cumbersome and overly ornate hinges and handles. Instead, these cabinets rely on simplicity to convey style, making them perfect for just about any décor, from classic and traditional to ultra-modern.

Shaker-style kitchen and bathroom cabinets are also incredibly easy to keep clean, making them perfect for commercial use. There are very few ridges and no ornate details, so there isn’t any need to spend hours cleaning out dust and grime, a simple wipe-down does the trick.

Remodeling your workplace kitchen and bathroom is a great way to quickly spruce up your commercial space. One of the biggest perks is that your guests are immediately impressed by clean and elegant bathroom facilities, as it reflects well upon your company’s attention to detail. A renovated kitchen can also impress potential clients while also giving your staff a space to prepare meals and relax. If you are thinking about renovations, stop into Kitchens By Us. We have a wide range of products to suit any commercial need and offer full and comprehensive installation. Visit us online or in store to see our full range of commercial kitchen and bathroom vanities.

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